What is your drink of choice?

Alcoholic would be gin and tonic non alcoholic would be a nice fresh juice.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am 31 year old woman in business. Friends would describe me as motivated and energetic. I love a good project whether it is a business goal, home project or something to do with fitness. I like to lead and work from a space of my learned experiences of going out on a limb as a young woman opening a business, starting from nothing, at times losing almost everything and just keeping going through it all. I didn’t do an MBA before starting my business, but I have been intuitively entrepreneurial as long as I can remember and have loved every second of the challenging journey of ‘learning on my feet’ and at times faking it til making it. My message would be that everyone’s journey is their own, some of the best lessons you can learn are on your feet and through experience. I feel I have developed a sense of confidence from doing the hard yards and walking the walk over the past 7 years. I have a deep passion for business and empowering women to ‘have a go’, we really can amaze ourselves at what we can achieve. I am a big believer in finding your ‘why’ and being motivated for the right reasons is something that is absolutely essential to go the distance and sustain the challenges being in business can throw your way.

Tell us about Eden Hair Energy and how it came to be?

I first entered the world of business at 24 when I opened my hair salon Eden Hair Energy, then Eden Hair and Beauty. I threw myself in wholeheartedly. I looked at the numbers and thought that even if everything went to custard and I was there on my own, I could at least cover the bills, so I gave it a crack and got to work creating the salon I had always wanted to work at with a focus on appreciating team members and creating a positive workspace. Starting with a team of two, including myself, I wanted to create a team with a culture of respect and passion. That has not been without it’s challenges, working with people is hard and keeping everyone happy while keeping yourself sane isn’t easy. I have made mistakes but I am proud to think I have grown from each of them. 7 years later and we outgrew our original space on Badham Street in Dickson. We finally moved in in December 2020 and have kept our original salon going as well, in 2021 launching Canberra Hair Extensions – sister salon to Eden Hair Energy. We are now a team of 17 and I am so excited for the next 7 years and all the exciting times ahead. It’s truly empowering to know that fit outs, renovations and restructures haven’t killed me yet!


How can we support Eden Hair Energy?

Eden Hair Energy specialise in hair colouring and blonde as well as providing cuts, smoothing treatments and perms. Canberra Hair Extensions specialise exclusively in colour and all things hair extensions. We would be honoured if you would consider us when looking for the perfect place to get your hair done. We are open until 8:00 pm 4 nights a week as Saturdays. We have a focus on sustainability, being a sustainable salon and equality being a proud member of the Dresscode Project who aim to create safe spaces for those in the LGBTQI community and as such our pricing is gender neutral.

Any advice for those who are thinking about turning their dreams into a reality?

I say energy flows where energy goes. If you have a dream, spend the time working on it. Document everything, form a plan. Research and start, give it a go. I read once that Richard Branson said some of the best business ideas come from a need. If there is something you have identified that is not available, that is a great option. When I opened Eden, I had been in the public service for the 12 months prior and couldn’t find a salon I could get into to have my hair done after hours. That made no sense to me when more than half of Canberra work 9-5, so I built my business around that need. Be your own cheerleader. You will need to get comfortable with owning your idea and shamelessly self promoting but you will be absolutely blown away by how much people will want to support someone with the courage to go into business – fortune favours the brave.

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