A welcoming community connecting kind and inclusive women across Canberra

You have the vision for the life you want to live. We have the community of like-minded local women to CHEER you on, EMBRACE your growth and ELEVATE you.

Whether you’re a Canberra business owner looking to connect with other local women, or you’re here to grow your network of supportive relationships, theCBRwoman is a place to connect, inspire, dream, encourage and uplift women in the community.

We understand that life and business can be a lonely ride!

Here, you don’t have to do it alone.

As a community, we’ll walk with you as you get out there, explore how your ideas can come to life, and make them happen!

Who we are

We are Canberra women. We all have stories. We create and embrace opportunities.

As a community, we strive to give women as many opportunities as possible to:

  • Collaborate and network
  • Promote your business
  • Showcase at markets
  • Build new skills
  • Share your story and expertise
  • Give back to the community.

If you’re looking for support, have an idea to share, or want to collaborate on something, we’re here to help you bring your vision to life!

theCBRwoman team

Our purpose

We are the place in Canberra for women to connect and support each other to thrive within their local community.

Through connection and collaboration, we can create a future where women experience less isolation and greater opportunities to embrace who they are and what they want from life.

Locally, our goal is to embrace and elevate all Canberra women into a connected force of incredible humans doing what they love!

What we believe

​We believe that women need connection with other women, and that together we can grow stronger and elevate our standing within the Canberra community.

We believe small businesses can share more success by working together and leveraging shared networks.

We believe in the power of community to create positive change and enable greater success for everyone.

Our Impact

At our heart, we’re about connection, collaboration and community. In living these values, we create opportunities to give back to our own community, and all the women and businesses within it.

Meet the woman behind theCBRwoman

Hi, I’m Gabrielle (she/her) – Founder of theCBRwoman, business woman for over 10 years, breast cancer fighter, mental health advocate and lover of all things women, champagne, cheese, sport, rap music and dancing.

Like you, I’m a woman who dreams big. My purpose in life is about elevating and supporting women in whatever ways I can.

So, building a community to elevate women in Canberra was a no-brainer.

theCBRwoman began as a place specifically for women in business

…yet it’s naturally grown and evolved to include women who aren’t in business, but who want to connect with other like-minded women and form meaningful connections, locally.

In fact the resounding #1 shared hope from our incredible members is just that…

…to create connections with other like-minded women, be inspired, feel empowered, and have an opportunity to empower others.

Whether that’s through a supportive phone call, catching up over a coffee or lunch to help you get unstuck or find direction and accountability, or through co-creating our community events and workshops, it’s the sharing of experiences and learning together that fuels my passion!


Hear from our members

We need this connection and community more than ever, in our personal lives, small businesses and collectively. The BOSS Club supports and uplifts other small businesses and provides the opportunity to meet new and inspiring women along the way.

I joined the BOSS club because I love it’s purpose and vision for women led businesses. As proud as I am of my business, sometimes trying to do it all can be relentless. Being able to reach into a community that understands, is supportive and filled with knowledge is something that’s priceless in getting us through the tough times and pushing us forward to achieving our goals.

Join theCBRwoman community

As a member of theCBRwoman, you’ll get:

✔️A thoughtful welcome gift pack

✔️Access to member-only events

✔️Priority access and discounted pricing for all our events

✔️Priority market stallholder placement and discounted fees

✔️Access to exclusive content and resources

PLUS engagement with the team, retreats and mentorship, and presentation and sponsorship opportunities.

AND, a 100% local community of supportive women, right here in your own backyard – so you can share your stories, experiences and growth with people who really get it.