Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hey ladies! I’m Emma, I’ve been a Canberra gal for most of my life, and I’ve been dog

obsessed for as long as I can remember.

I was always the kid asking to pat any dog that came near me, and now I’m the adult who still does exactly the same thing. You might know me from my business @emmamajadesign but this year I’ve also focused on putting my design and branding knowledge into action through starting my second business Dogs of CBR.

Tell us about Dogs of CBR and how it came to be?

Dogs of CBR has been around since I was studying design at UC in 2015 and actually began as part of an assignment. The project was to create a page about absolutely anything you wanted; naturally I chose dogs!

It started as interviews at dog parks or friend’s and family’s dogs, but it wasn’t long before local dog lovers started tagging the page in their photos to be featured. I never would have guessed the page would still be going 6 years on, but I was blown away by how lovely the Canberra dog community is and I’ve really enjoyed providing a platform where local dog owners or dog obsessed people like myself can connect.

I’m a huge fan of supporting local and collaborating with other Canberra businesses. When I started my design business one of the main projects that really got my foot in the door was pattern design, so I want to use Dogs of CBR to provide the same opportunity for other Canberra creatives. This is why I will be using local artists as well as my own designs to create beautiful and unique Dogs of CBR products.

Do you have any lessons learnt/things you would do differently for those starting out in the business world?

A big lesson I’ve learned is to invest in yourself, whether it’s time or money! Don’t feel silly for setting yourself big goals because those are the ones that can really pay off!

How can we support Dogs of CBR?

You can support @dogs_of_cbr by joining our IG community and giving the page a follow, and of course if you’ve got a dog you’re more than welcome to tag #dogsofcanberra so we can feature you!

If you’d like to take a look at our website and our new products you can head to !

Any advice for those who are thinking about turning their dreams into a reality

First of all, do it! It’s the best choice I’ve made and totally worth it! Secondly, make sure you’ve got everything organised before you launch! Your biz name, your website, your branding, some preplanned IG posts, packaging…whatever else you need! Things can get a bit busy once you’ve launched so it’s best to organise this before things take off!

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