BOSS WOMAN SERIES 232 | Juliana from Pura Vida

My drink of choice is a ginger Kombucha. Nice and fizzy, but with no alcohol so I don’t get the baby drunk 😉 
I am a tropical soul from Brazil, but have called Australia home for the past 16 years. Growing up in the land of Carnaval and tiny bikinis, diet culture has always been present in my social environment. Although I first trained as a biologist, I was lured into nutrition & dietetics believing that, in addition to a diploma, I would leave university with a Top Secret Infalible Meal Plan that would cure all ailments while making me look absolutely stunning, as per society’s request. Luckly, I questioned that request. The more I questioned, the more I learnt about the toxic influence of diet culture, the patriarchy, social injustice and the divergence between health and aesthetic goals. I learnt that being healthy is not the same as being slim or toned, or even a good athlete. I learnt that the food industry does not have my best interest at heart, and that our current food system is unsustainable. My move to Australia was an attempt to get off the rat race, and pursue a different life than I would have lived in the concrete jungle that is Sao Paulo, one that is supportive of our natural environment and that promotes collaboration rather than competition with one another. These values and experiences have helped shape who I am today and of course, influence the way I see the world and do my work.  
Pura Vida was born as a result of those experiences and past learnings, in an attempt to simplify one’s journey towards body acceptance, a good relationship with food, self-care, self-confidence, and good health for people and the planet. Combining non-diet nutrition, behavioural science and conscious eating practices we provide our clients with the tools & support they need to enjoy full & nutritious lives. Our role as dietitians is to guide and support you through your journey to optimal health—whatever that might be to you. To provide expert, science-backed advice, teach new skills, share our knowledge, introduce new ways of thinking and help identify habits and behaviours that hold the most potential for your personal health goals. We’re here to widen your views, to help you learn, to support and respect you. There are no barriers, and no judgement. 

I have been working for myself for the past 13 years, and my practice has evolved (and will continue to) over the years. Of course there are things I look back on and think “ugh!”, but I am not sure if I would do anything differently, the practice changes reflected my own journey and evolution. I found having a mentor and connecting with other business owners to be highly productive and rewarding. Building a business can feel like a lonely and somewhat scary process, so a good support team around you is invaluable. Be curious, open to new opportunities and learning, be prepared for ups and downs, be prepared to change tactics and be patient, but, most importantly of all, be true to your values. That will provide a much needed stability in the midst of uncertainty. Being relatively new to Canberra, it is a fact that there are so many amazing people out there that I haven’t met yet, so I invite you to get in touch. Have a look on our website, say hello on social media, ask me a question. If you like what we do, the best way to help us is to spread the word. Wouldn’t it be nice if all women lived free from diet culture, confident in their own skin and comfortable with their food choices? 

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