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What is your drink of choice? (doesn’t have to be alcoholic)Tough decision between Otway Distillery Blood orange cello on ice or fresh pineapple juice.

Tell us about YOU?Nothing has me more excited than packing a bag and a passport to travel, explore and experience adventures. I am a proud wife of a farmer, a mum of tweens and an entrepreneur/business owner. I am certainly getting better at prioritising myself and not giving all of it to everyone else.Life is a juggle between family and my passion for business and marketing. When everyone is doing their thing, I focus on my business. I am so excited and proud of the team and all we create for our clients – which is growing their business through marketing activity.

Tell us about Marketing Directive and how it came to be?Do you have any lessons learnt/things you would do differently for those starting out in the business world? Find a community of like minded peers. When I started working remotely it was a narrow space and I tended to keep to myself and just burrow away! Find a great business coach to keep you accountable and laser focused. Learn to understand your finances.

How can we support Marketing Directive? Engage with us on social media in posts or hit us up in DMs with your questions. We love speaking with entrepreneurs seeking a remote digital marketing team to support their business growth.

Any advice for those who are thinking about turning their dreams into a reality?Jump in, the water is the perfect temperature. Once you start pulling together your plans for your business and see it all start to take shape then it really becomes exciting and nothing can stop you!

Tell us about Marketing Directive and how it came to be?
For me (leaving the city to marry my farmer), living regionally allowed me to start a professional business offering services of metro agenices without the big price tag – making it affordable for all entrepreneurs to access regardless of local or business.
Marketing Directive has grown as a result of clients valuing the services we provide and has reached a point were additional staff were required. The perfect opportunity to allow other professionals in a similar situation the opportunity to utilise all of their skills and abilities. Great to have an experienced and qualified team supporting clients with their traditional and digital marketing requirements.  Living regionally means Marketing Directive is a business that stands on its own; it is individual, unique, and services clients across Australia. With a thought leadership team, Marketing Directive hustles hard to ensure the clients they represent are seen, valued and heard through their digital marketing activity. 

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