What is your drink of choice?

My first drink every morning is warm water with fresh lemon juice and organic apple cider vinegar for cleansing.

My social drink of choice is a glass of cognac drunk neat, often with a little hot water added to it. Make a good digestif after a nice, rich meal.

Tell us about yourself?

I am a Singaporean, I have lived in Australia for half my life (i.e 20.5 years) and a short stint in Paris. I hold a day job as a contractor within the IT industry and I have 3 businesses- real estate marketing & migration in Vanuatu, an online business selling 100% chemical-free early 1900s old Australian country vet recipe pet soaps for pets to heal pets with skin problems and my latest business is The Salt Therapy Clinic & Sanctuary.

I lead a fairly dynamic life. I am passionate about being in business that enables me to pursue my social and community interests that also allows me to create social impact in the long term. For example, my Vanuatu business markets real estate and agriculture projects which my mentor develops. The agriculture project once fully developed with the farms, up and running will be providing more than 100 jobs to the local community that will enable the villagers to send their kids to school.

My pet soap business is used as a means to bring about a social impact narrative to pet owners to consider using cost-effective, chemical-free and environmentally friendly products as a first line care to help treat their pets with certain topical health conditions. There is a lot of wisdom in traditional medicine that has been lost along the way and I was fortunate enough to find this natural remedy when I was looking for a natural product to heal my rescued dog that came with skin problems. In the long term, I hope to work on growing this business to fund for my interests in promoting animal welfare and means to advocate holistic and/ or integrative veterinary medicine to become a mainstream way of promoting animal wellness.

I was a Golden Key Society Member who has graduated with a combined Bachelor’s Degree in Asian Studies (Chinese)/ Commerce (Accounting) from ANU, a Graduate Certificate of Applied Finance & Economics from the Financial Services Institute of Australasia (FINSIA), a Graduate Certificate of Fashion Design & Marketing from the Paris Fashion Institute (PFI) and a Statement of Attainment in Natural Animal Health Care. As we speak, I should be getting my Haloprenuer Certification from the World Halotherapy Association (WHA) shortly.

My interests include travelling (usually gets itchy feet to get out of the country every 6-8 weeks prior to COVID19!), zero waste cooking, meditation, good food, drawing, reading, writing, fashion, dogs, collecting artwork, tree leaning(my almost daily routine at Lake Ginninderra!) & connecting to nature, personal wealth creation and all things relating to natural wellness.

Tell us about The salt therapy clinic and sanctuary and how it came to be?I always have had an interest in holistic healthcare, wellness and allied health. Some of my immediate family members include an Integrative General Practitioner, Chiropractor and Speech Pathologist and my parents were also big advocates of Traditional Chinese Medicine so I grew up in a household that has always taken an interest in natural medicine and holistic modalities.

The Salt Therapy Clinic & Sanctuary is founded in March 2020 in the Capital City of Australia. As a sinusitis and eczema sufferer, I have enjoyed the natural healing benefits of undergoing Halo-therapy (Dry Salt Therapy) treatment sessions. When a serendipitous opportunity came for me  to purchase a Salt Therapy Cabin, I decided to do so mainly for my own healing but also to keep the salt therapy alternative treatment alive in Canberra. As a Businesswoman whom is also moving towards embracing a more spiritual lifestyle where I have started to meditate regularly, I felt that it was a natural progression to add health and wellness into my repertoire of businesses that incorporates Mind, Body and Spirit.

The Salt Therapy Clinic & Sanctuary is situated within the leading wellness collective, Rest and Recovery Centre. With a gym ‘Strive’ on site, the Rest and Recovery Centre offers a full suite of relaxation and sports recovery services that includes infrared red sauna, floatation tanks, air relax compression garments rental, cryo-freeze and remedial massage. I am pleased to be the latest addition to add to the repertoire of complementary services at the Rest and Recovery Centre.

The Salt Therapy Clinic & Sanctuary is currently the only Salt Therapy clinic in Canberra. I am very keen to create awareness and share the natural healing benefits of Halo-therapy to assist a wide range people within the Canberra community such as athletes, children, the elderly, wellness practitioners and people with respiratory and skin conditions or undergoing mental stress. My mission is to create a good vibes only safe space that is calming and peaceful for people to come in to breathe, relax and heal.

The Salt Therapy Clinic & Sanctuary is a proud Executive Member of International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT)  and a proud Executive Member of the World Halo-therapy Association (WHA). I work closely with the WHA founder and Physician, Dr. Cindy Hollenbeck to ensure that I keep my knowledge about Halo-therapy backed by scientific and clinical research up-to-date and I remain active within the Halo-therapy professional network in Australia to incorporate best practices to my clinic.

How can we support The salt therapy clinic and sanctuary?The Motto of The Salt Therapy Clinic & Sanctuary is:

“Breath. Live. Relax. Sleep Better.

Let your Life of Freedom & Possibilities Begin. “

With the dawn of COVID19, Respiratory Hygiene and Health is more important than ever before. Salt has anti-microbial, anti-bacteria and anti-inflammatory properties. Salt Therapy, backed by 50 years of clinical studies in Europe is a natural non-invasive way to help cleanse the respiratory system, which clears up blocked airways and to give an overall boost to the immune system.

 Halo-therapy/ Salt Therapy is a non-invasive natural therapy utilizing Pharmaceutical-grade salt free of impurities . People suffering from respiratory conditions such as Allergies, Asthma, Bronchitis, Cold, Flu, COPD, Cystic Fibrosis, Emphysema and skin conditions such as Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis, Acne, Swelling & inflammation can find relief using Halo-therapy with no known side effects . It also helps to boost one’s immune system, enhanced athletic performance by improving muscle recovery time and deepen general relaxation. 

Please help spread the word about the benefits of Salt Therapy to the local Canberran community as we are also two hours away from the closest beach. Many Canberrans suffering from the abovementioned respiratory and skin conditions can truly benefit from incorporating this natural complementary treatment as part of their wellness plan. Studies have shown that the healing benefits from one 45-minute salt therapy session within an enclosed salt cabin is equivalent to being two days out at the beach.

I would be most grateful if @thecbrwoman can connect The Salt Therapy Clinic & Sanctuary to other like-minded businesswomen in Canberra within the Allied Health, Natural Medicine, Yoga and Fitness space to form a community that is passionate to spread the word of Natural Healthy Living & Wellness.

Any advice for those thinking about turning their dream into a reality?

Funny how  when I first started using Salt Therapy as a treatment to my severe eczema, I had that dream that perhaps one day I could own my very own salt therapy clinic. That was in 2014!

I am a big believer of the Law of Attraction. Whatever the Mind can conceive, you can Receive. Just be true to your own Spirit and focus on putting Love into turning your dreams into reality. It all starts with clarity of what you truly want and just work on that idea and the positive feelings it invokes within you and hold onto that:)

The Universe has a way of creating opportunities in a serendipitous manner to manifest your utmost dreams into reality. Put that intention out there and allow the Universe to do its magic. Suddenly opportunities and handy connections will simply happen to assist you to fulfil the highest purpose of your life journey. So when this opportunity came out of the blue for me to look into this salt therapy clinic business, I jumped onto it even though it came at a time where  I had to be more financially prudent when my other businesses were slowing down. But I took the signs from the Universe and kept focusing on what exactly I hope to bring value to the community with this business and the Universe did align me to meet with some good people and friends who made this possibility become a reality for me! So I am eternally grateful.

 Always practice Gratitude everyday even when the going gets tough. One day, when you look back on the tough lessons or hurdles that you had to get through to get to where you are, you will be grateful to have learnt that it has made you the person you are today!

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