Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am a mother. I have three beautiful children, and an amazing husband. I met him in Jakarta in a cafe (he asked for my number and I turned him down at first). Once he finally managed to steal my heart he proposed to me in French and I turned him down again haha.

We started our first company, a Chiropractic clinic in Indonesia. We then expanded our business and came to Australia in 2013 and spent some time in Victoria. We wanted a better education for our kids, and myself. We moved to Canberra at the end of 2014 and I completed my second degree, a Bachelor of Arts in 2017! Although I love working with my husband, but I wanted to branch out and start my own business with my own passions and goals. That’s when I discovered the BTL EMSELLA.

Tell us about Kegel Throne Canberra and how it came to be?

Kegel Throne Canberra uses an innovative device called the EMSELLA to help people of all ages recondition the pelvic floor muscles to reduce symptoms of incontinence, sexual discomfort and much more! Through my experience of having my own children and noticing how my pelvic floor changed after childbirth, I became a body balance instructor and learnt how to control my own core and pelvic floor! I am very passionate about helping women strengthen their own pelvic floor.When we learnt about the EMSELLA I was amazed that it was possible to reduce my symptoms by just sitting on this *magical* chair. Our device is so new and innovative that most people don’t know about it. Our goal is to educate people so they don’t have to worry about leaking when they sneeze, laugh, run, jump or cough (like so many do), rushing to the toilet or feeling discomfort while they’re being intimate. Since we started in February of this year, 98% of our clients have been thrilled with their results and said that they have noticed a significant decrease in their symptoms of incontinence or sexual discomfort! We have loved hearing feedback like “wow!” “this has changed my life”, ” I wish this existed years ago”, “ZERO”, and “my husband said: yummy mummy haha”.

How can we support Kegel Throne Canberra?

You can support us by making a taboo subject easy to talk about with the people in your life! 1 in 4 women in Australia suffers from some form of incontinence so chances are that someone you know is suffering right now. Start that conversation with your mum, aunt, or sister and tell them about the EMSELLA chair and how it can help them regain confidence and a better quality of life! You can also follow us on Instagram @kegelthrone.cbr . My girls are working so hard to get lots of information out there for you all!

Any advice for those who are thinking about turning their dreams into a reality

Don’t give up no matter what! There will be challenges and obstacles along the way. It is important to realise that age is no barrier or even English as a second language. Creating a good team and working environment helps to make your dreams a reality. Yes, there are times of self doubt and times when you think it will be easier to just give up, but persevere! If you are passionate about something and truly believe in the long term goal, it is important to be resolute as well as patient. Helping others is so rewarding!

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