What is your drink of choice?

Coffee and soda water are my daily staple

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Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Since I was a child, I was always busily painting and creating on my Nonna’s endless supply of Butcher paper. My days could be consumed with illustrating story books, designing dream houses and getting lost in the world of creativity. I never plucked the courage to share my work with the world because I felt intimated in sharing a piece of myself. “To allow someone to see my art is like opening the pages of your journals for them to read”. Selling art also felt out of reach once I had my children. The longer I put the passion aside, the more harder it felt to achieve! I use acrylic and mixed mediums to create my pieces. I create intuitive paintings, sharing, nostalgic memories, and things that have stopped me in my tracks. My art journey can be followed on Instagram Rose Mara Art. When I am not painting, I also create original print designs and sell them though Sel Noir Designs. I grew up in Melbourne but moved to Canberra in 2012, where I finally opened up my studio for business. My artwork “Frida” and “Flowers for Florence” both appeared on the hit TV show The Block 2020 and I also featured in The Block Magazine. Many of my pieces are hanging on walls throughout Australia and overseas.

Tell us about Sel Noir Designs and how it came to be?

Moving to Canberra with two little kids had me feel pretty isolated but it gave me the opportunity to start focusing on my art dream with no excuses.

How can we support Sel Noir Designs?

Home décor and art have become so repetitive and replicated , we have forgotten to be original and support real art. I would love local support and for people to appreciate real art more. Isn’t the idea of owning an original piece that nobody else has, amazing? Please follow both my pages on Instagram Sel_noirdesigns and Rosemara_art.

Any advice for those who are thinking about turning their dreams into a reality?

If your idea has hardly any over heads , then I say be brave and go for it. Do your research. Suss your audience and competition out and find your niche! And lucky last, do not give up. The lows will be there to help you appreciate your business highs!

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