Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am 25 years old, lived in Queanbeyan all my life, went to Merici College here

in Canberra and love keeping active and going to the gym. I have three dogs (two Rotties and a Spoodle) who I absolutely love and adore. I have always had a love for food and being creative in the kitchen and have certainly found something that allows me to utilise the skills I have learnt from working in the public service (for the admin side of the business) and also be a lot more creative than I ever normally would be.

Tell us about SNACK SISTER and how it came to be?

I recently (6 months ago) finished a job at Parliament House that was taking up so much of my time and found that I actually had time to be creative in the kitchen again. It originally started as a little bit of fun with making cupcakes and cakes for some friends and family and my Mum (god bless her) told me that I was actually really good at it, that the cakes tasted great and also looked pretty good! From there I have decided to now expand further into grazing boxes just to keep things really diverse across the business.

How can we support SNACK SISTER?

Support for Snack Sister can honestly come in so many ways. We know that during this weird world that we are living at the moment spending money isn’t always the first thing that people are doing. We would absolutely love if you are able to purchase one of our products, but if you can’t we ALWAYS love to see you trying out our recipes or even just engaging with our fun Facebook and Instagram posts.

Any advice for those who are thinking about turning their dreams into a reality?

For those that are thinking about starting their own business there is SO much to think about. Remember that there are so so so many steps before your first sale can actually happen. And being super conscious that there are people out there that are doing what you are doing for a full time business, so trying to cut corners, make things cheaper for yourself and not following guidelines in your particular area can really upset people around you.

And my biggest bit of advice would be to be original! There will always be another cake maker, another cupcake girl or another grazing box team so don’t try and copy them just be you!

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