What is your drink of choice?

Coffee for sure! Flat white with 2 sugars… I like a bit a sweetening up…lol ????

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m 42, married to an amazing man who I have been with for over 20 years and living with several chronic health conditions, the main player being MS. Which doesn’t stop me from living a great life, but it does slow me down from time to time.

Tell us about LLL Designs and how it came to be?

LLL-Designs is a Fun and Fabulous Jewellery Brand that aims to make people Smile ???? It came to be after I had to give up my “regular” career due to my health conditions. It was a positive and creative outlet which filled my days with joy. Over the years it has grown and now it is my job, which I am so very grateful for!


How can we support LLL Designs?

Buy my designs…lol, while yes that is helpful ???? There are completely FREE ways to help. Following my brand on Instagram and interacting with my posts would be a tremendous support. Liking and sharing my posts if you can would be fantastic too. It doesn’t even need to be posts about products or sales, even memes etc are great to share. It all helps build engagement and helps small businesses like mine in such a big way.

Any advice for those who are thinking about turning their dreams into a reality?

Don’t be afraid to take a leap, trust in yourself and your abilities and ask for help when you need it. There are so many wonderful support groups now to help, go for it! You’ve got this!!!

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