What is your drink of choice?

Sarah – Gin & Tonic

Georgie – Amaretto Sour

Tell us a little bit about yourselves? 

Sarah: I’m a true Canberra woman – born and raised… and still here! When I’m not working on Neat & Nourished or as a hospital dietitian, I’m spending time with my partner, step-daughter and our fur-baby Ziggy, being creative (sewing custom designs to wear or gift), on a Pilates reformer, or with my face in a good book (and usually with a face mask on – skin care multitasking!). For me, organisation has always been a form of self care that helps me feel calm, and leaves more space and time for these many other passions in my life.

Georgie: First things first, I’m a wanderer. Originally from the sunshine state of Brisbane; however, I have moved a lot over the years. A combination of itchy feet and my husband’s employment is the cause of that. I have two beautiful doggies, Lilly and Benji. They come with us everywhere, and I mean everywhere! We plan all of our holidays and journeys around them. What else… I like to put my boots on and explore. On weekends you’ll either find me on a mountain or in my vegetable garden. Or baking up a storm in my kitchen! I suppose with all this movement and change I’ve learnt to maintain a minimalist and organised lifestyle. After working in the chaos that can be the public health system (particularly with a pandemic in tow…) I look forward to coming home to the calm!

Tell us about Neat & Nourished and how it came to be?

Neat and Nourished is a boutique lifestyle organisation brand established in December 2019. We provide tailored organisation solutions for your pantry and fridge, and also offer nutrition advice to support you reaching your healthy eating goals. We both work as dieticians in hospital and community settings, and have created Neat and Nourished as our passion business. It provides us with an opportunity to combine some of our mutual interests – organisation, nutrition and sustainability – and allows us to utilise different strengths and passions than our work as dieticians.

How can we support Neat & Nourished?

We would love if you resonate with our brand to follow, like and share our Instagram content. Or if you have a pantry or fridge, or have seen one at your family or friends (you know the one), that could benefit from a revamp please get in touch!

Any advice for those wanting to turn their dream into a reality?

The hardest part is taking the first step! While the end goal might seem unachievable, consistent small steps in the right direction will take you further than you ever imagined.

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