What is your drink of choice? 

Soy chai latte I love the warmth of the spices, it’s soul warming!

My favourites in Canberra are from Barrio and Highroad!

Tell us a little bit about yourself? 

I’ve been on a health + wellness journey over the last 6 years, which has led to the discovery of a more natural + minimal lifestyle, aromatherapy and an overall more balanced, grounded and spiritual lifestyle. Outside of the wellness space, I work fulltime as a corporate lawyer and also volunteer to give back to the community. The issues I’m most passionate about are sustainability, homelessness, mental health and wellbeing.

love checking out new foodie spots for vegetarian and vegan goods and love a good nut milk chai! Also love wearing activewear at every opportunity. 

Tell us about Evie Kay as a brand?

My page is focused on sharing some parts of my life + lifestyle to inspire more people to take care of their health and wellness, inject positivity and inspiration into feeds and bring people up rather than down. I aim to inspire more people to be positive influences and inspire others to live more sustainable and wholesome lives.

How can we support your brand?

Connect with me on @eviekay and my business page @thevibes.x – exciting things coming! I’d love to get to know you and know more about how I can help you! I believe that we must support each other and bring each other up – I can’t wait to connect!

Any advice for those wanting to turn their dream into a reality?

Feel the fear and do it anyways. If you don’t take that step, you’ll never know!

We must remember that we are in control of our lives and no one else has the information that we do to make the decisions that we are in power to make. The world needs you to share your passions and no one can share it in the same way that you can. The world needs you because you are YOU! 

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