What is your drink of choice?

A soy chai latte

Tell us a little bit about yourself?I am the founder of award winning style, wellness, travel and lifestyle blog A Stylish Moment, which I started over 6 years ago as well as the Director of social media agency, Dak & Co. I absolutely love what I do, and I really do have a passion for everything that I get to

do with my blog and my business.

Outside of all of that, I have a strong love for fitness, as well as my two dogs, Rex & Marley who keep me very active! I am a big traveller as well, and am always either researching or booking my next trip.

Tell us about Dak & Co and how it came to be?

Dak & Co is a business that I created 3 years ago, out of a passion for working with small business owners to grow their presence online. 

At Dak & Co, we help business owners, entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to learn, how to use social media and digital channels to market themselves. We mainly focus on providing social media assistance, whether it be through social media account management, content calendar and post development, as well as strategy development – but we also host workshops, events and other things as well. Essentially – clients come to us for all things social media!

How can we support Dak & Co?If you’re a business big or small no matter it’s size that needs support, guidance or help with their social media – get in touch!

Also follow us on Instagram @dakandco to see our regular posts where we share social media tips & tricks.

Any advice for those who are thinking about turning their dreams into a reality?

I always suggest starting small and taking gradual steps to success. I have heard too many horror stories of business owners who thought that they should do everything at once, and then it all falls apart because there was no plan or strategy in place. Slow and steady wins the race – and it’s the same when it comes to being in business. 

Don’t ever think that anyone becomes a success overnight – there are always years and years of hard work, dedication and perseverance that happens in the background.

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