What is your drink of choice? (doesn’t have to be alcoholic)

Chocolate Milk

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am owner and maker Melissa from Edible Favours. A local girl raised in Canberra now raising the next Canberran. I’m a people person, who loves to get creative and will never say no to dessert! So it was a shock to no one when I started my own fudge business Edible Favours a few years ago.When I’m not balancing my career with my passion for sweet treats, I like to relax at the coast with my bouncy 3 year old daughter, happy 6 month old baby, excitable kelpie & fishing-obsessed husband.

Tell us about Edible Favours and how it came to be?

I started making fudge with my mum from a young age. It was our little activity, and over the years, making & selling it became a means of getting to where I wanted to go – and ways reminds me of Mum.

Edible Favours helps express my desire to do something creative. Using my late mums recipe I hand mix, cut and box all the fudge. I love all aspects of the business with every bowl mixed but meeting and getting to know each client is the best! Getting to know couples and individuals who are planning special events and chatting about their plans. Visualising their day to ensure what I design and offer with the favours is complimentary to the bigger picture. Sharing samples and talking with people at markets, watching them enjoy it as much as I do.


How can we support Edible Favours?

Suggest fudge as favours for your next event or come say hello at the next market.

Any advice for those who are thinking about turning their dreams into a reality?Don’t over think it. Take that passion and just start playing with ideas, content and watch it grow. The community in Canberra running a business from home/shared space is big! Reach out, introduce yourself and ask questions you might have. We are all about supporting others make their dreams a reality!

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