What is your drink of choice?

I love a skinny margarita made from fresh ingredients. That’s me, wanting to have all the fun without any nasty pre-mix chemicals! 

Tell us a little bit about yourself? 

Hey there, I’m Michelle, a proud Mumma of two incredible humans, I’m married to my best friend and juggle a multitude of daily tasks thanks to the saving grace of caffeine.

Tattooed on my right arm are the words closest to my heart ‘love the life you live. Live the life you love.’ AND this year I have the privilege of turning 40.

Tell us about Ms Michelle Mitchell and how it came to be?

I originally started my first blog five years ago called Glamor Hippie (hoping you have heard of it, fingers crossed!). My little blog, which started out as a passion project, a place to share my journey of raising my family in a low-tox + organic home, turned out to be a BIG deal. Who would have thought?? My little blog!

As my blog grew over the years, so did my audience. I shared my daily life on social media and my blog. However, my incredible, loving ???? audience wanted to know more, an in-depth look, something bigger than a blog post. So, I summoned the courage to write my first book. The idea terrified me, yet I was driven by the desire to share my story. My book Girl Got Game was picked up by an incredible publisher and will be released later this year! I NEVER thought it would happen. It’s very exciting!

With my marketing background and years of online experience, I began helping clients one on one to develop their own personal branding as well as small business owners. It VERY quickly became a passion of mine, and I saw client after client have tremendous success with their brands. So, I decided to launch my own personal branding company. 

How can we support Ms Michelle Mitchell?

Everyone would, of course, say giving some love on my social media channels! Who doesn’t love a little social love?! But that only goes one way, I definitely don’t want it to be a one-way street. I currently have a FREE Masterclass up on my website and would LOVE anyone wanting to show some support to pop over and watch, that way I know I am also giving something back!

Any advice for those wanting to turn their dream into a reality?

I love a good hustle—tenacious, unapologetic, self-assurance. Throw in a double shot and a top knot, and I think women can achieve anything! I adore and admire girls who aren’t afraid to put themselves out there. Girls who aren’t afraid of their talents, girls who embrace their intellect and contribute. I am one of those girls, most of the time, but like so many of us, I have moments of doubt. My confidence gets knocked, and I find myself crawling back into my shell. I don’t want to leave my house, and I question everything.

But there is one thing that brings me back from hibernation. One thing that entices me to emerge from my shell. My competitive’ get in the game’ spark that comes from deep within my soul. Find that spark and go for it, the world needs what you have to share!

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