BOSS WOMAN 228 | Liz Kilby Physio

Tell us about YOU?
I love a laugh and spending time outside with my partner, two kids and our dogs. I’m a sports voyeur
of our kids, who play AFL, cricket, soccer and basketball and I really enjoy stand-up paddle boarding. I don’t like gardening, but I love plants and my favourite animals, after dogs, are birds. I like to read, at the expense of most other things, so my happiest places are bookshops, and I always stop to look at street libraries when I walk the dogs. Before becoming a physio, I worked as an environmental scientist with the Department of Defence!

Tell us about Liz Kilby Physiotherapy and how it came to be?
Liz Kilby Physiotherapy is a mobile physiotherapy service focusing on pelvic health, quality of life and
rehabilitation. I travel to my client’s homes and complete the assessment and treatment right there.
It’s safe, it’s comfortable and it’s relaxed. I also work at Fundamental Health, in Kambah, a couple of
days a week. When I was studying, I always pictured myself working in people’s homes. Allowing clients to move comfortably in their day-to-day life has always been a priority, and home visits make it simpler for less mobile clients to access physio services. After the birth of my children, I experienced the logistical, physical, and mental challenges faced by new parents everywhere, including incontinence and post-natal depression. I knew my skills as a pelvic health physio and experience as a parent would be a perfect addition to my home visit service.

Do you have any lessons learnt/things you would do differently for those starting out in the
business world? 
Get a bookkeeper and an accountant before you think you need them. Success can surprise you and organising your finances in retrospect is not much fun!

How can we support Liz Kilby Physiotherapy?

Because I’m not active on social media (I’ve tried but it’s just not for me) please tell your friends and contacts about the services I offer. Be honest with yourself and if you have any concerns about your pelvic floor, bladder, or bowel, make an appointment. 
If you are a parent, know a parent or are about to become a parent, consider a pelvic health check to get you fit and ready for the next exciting chapter in your life.

Any advice for those who are thinking about turning their dreams into a reality?
It’s your dream so you get to do it your way and at your pace. Be picky about who you get your
advice from. There are lots of people who will try to tell/sell you the ‘best way’ to do something, but
if it doesn’t feel right to you then you don’t have to keep doing it. You are allowed to change your

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