What is your drink of choice? (doesn’t have to be alcoholic)

Gingerbread Chai Latte

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hi! I’m Hannah, the founder and owner of Tutor Canberra. This year marks my decade of private tutoring in Canberra, and it is a passion I have developed into a local tutoring business.

I’ve seeked and developed an ever-growing team of empathetic individuals to tutor the students of Canberra. Our group is formed by students or recently graduated students, who have lived and breathed all the challenges of the academic world and are now committed to helping their student peers navigate the treacherous path. Together, we take a student-centric approach to our support and work with our students to develop study skills, time management, concept understanding and academic resilience. Our goal is to build the academic stamina of our students so they can experience the positive aspects of their academic journey and feel confident within their student identities.

Tell us about Tutor Canberra and how it came to be?

Having tutored the local student population since my days at university, I found a fulfillment at the end of my sessions that my government job was simply not invoking. In 2019 I decided to create a brand around my services and in the midst of COVID-19 in 2020, I decided to pull the plug on my government role and go 100% in Tutor Canberra. Almost a year on and I wake up everyday with purpose and drive. I now have 40+ families, personally, that I see weekly and am lucky to see their students grow and develop into inspiring leaders in their own right.


How can we support Tutor Canberra?

My business is here to serve the student community. If you know a family with a student who could benefit from support, guidance or an experienced student role model, then put them in touch with Tutor Canberra! We also host school holiday workshops and programs for our primary school and high school students, so keep an eye out for our events!

Any advice for those who are thinking about turning their dreams into a reality?

My advice is ‘progress not perfection’. Even stumbling through Disneyland is better than not showing up. Give yourself the room and time to listen to your own beat and invest in yourself. I already believe in you!

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