What is your drink of choice?

Ice chocolate frappés for the win!!

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hi I’m Maddi, I am the proud owner of Maddi Green Photo & Film and am currently studying journalism and film production at uni. I’m a lover of ice cream, my two toy poodles and adventures in Australia and beyond.

Tell us about Maddi Green Photo & Film and how it came to be?

When I was in Year 10 at school, I began taking photos at friend’s birthday parties, I’d share and post them, and one day I was asked by a person I didn’t know whether I was able to take photos at their birthday. I thought to myself, hey this could become something! When I finished school I was lucky enough to get a photography/videography job at an overseas camp, it was there that I fell in love with capturing all the candid moments that every day presents. When I came back to start my degree, I thought, what better way (while I’m learning at uni) would it be to be honing my skills out in the real world, creating work that I’m proud of and capturing the moments people can treasure for generations to come.

Maddi Green Photo & Film aims to support other creatives in the industry. Within the last year I have been lucky enough to bring other freelancers to work with me, which has given me the opportunity to continue to mentor, network and teach, which are big passions of mine. My business has adapted as I have grown, and now focuses on weddings, couples, families and events but I also like to keep it fresh so work with brands, businesses and even councils!!


How can we support Maddi Green Photo & Film?

You can support Maddi Green Photo & Film by following and joining my little community, share my work, attend events, refer my name to someone looking for a photographer/ videographer or book a session in with me.

Any advice for those who are thinking about turning their dreams into a reality?

Age is just a number, you can never be too young or old to start pursuing something you love. If you have a dream start today to make it a reality.

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