What is your drink of choice?

Peppermint tea is pretty much my blood type now.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am a 20 yr old singer-songwriter and guitarist. My influences are bands/artists from the 1970s/80s such as Fleetwood Mac to Suzi Quatro. Mixed with a handful of modern female artists like Angie McMahon to beabadoobee and much more. I started playing music when I was really young. It’s been around me my entire life. When I was 11, I got my first guitar and I slept, ate and breathed every moment of it. I was hooked instantly.

Finding a whole world and love for rock n roll, I got an electric guitar and the dream grew even larger. Growing up with mental health from a young kid was a big challenge. I wanted to be this confident version of myself so badly, but I also knew it would be a very long road to get there and had to face many fears.

Tell us about Nina Leo Music and how it came to be?

I started following the music scene in CBR around 2016 and went to many, many shows. In 2018, I put together a rock band called ‘The Differs’. We played gigs all through 2019, opening for many local and interstate bands. Best experience as I was so new to it all.

Though I was writing music for the band and myself at this time, it was starting to get tricky and a bit confusing. I wanted to record, perform and write all my music for one artist only.

So, I put together my middle name and my star sign. Nina Leo was born. My songwriting is very much written from experiences and situations I have had. It gives meaning, story behind my music and it releases heaps of unwanted negative energy. Playing my songs on stage brings out positive energy for me and makes me feel alive.

I released my debut single this April called ‘Recover’ an acoustic/psychedelic song that’s about not knowing I could be the person I am today, not knowing what the future is like but feeling grateful for the path I am on today.

I will be releasing another single in the coming months that is polar-opposite to my debut. A head-banging, foot-stomping, angry drive of rock n roll song with lots to scream about.


How can we support Nina Leo Music?

You can support me by listening to my debut single ‘Recover’ that is on Spotify, Apple Music and Triple J Unearthed. Follow my instagram @ninaleomusic and my Facebook Page ‘Nina Leo’. Keep up to date with releases by following my music platforms. (Spotify, etc)

Come to my gigs 100%

Any advice for those who are thinking about turning their dreams into a reality?


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