What is your drink of choice? (doesn’t have to be alcoholic)I absolutely love Edenvale Wines! Their non-alcoholic Rosé and Sparkling Cuvee are absolutely delicious.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?My name is Savannah and I am 20 years of age. I have just graduated from completing my Diploma in Photography and Photo Imaging at CIT. Most people might know me as ‘livingwellwithsav’ on Instagram- showing all things lifestyle and vegan food related- but recently I’ve dived into the deep end in creating my own business (and another project will be on its way very soon). I never took business classes throughout high school so it has definitely been an adventure but it’s been such a great experience and I continue to learn every day. I have also been vegan for just over 2 years now which is something that I’m really proud of

Tell us about Granola Thief and how it came to be?The Granola Thief is a small business that creates vegan and nut free granola. Baked every week for lasting freshness and rotating seasonal flavours to keep people engaged- there is always something for everyone.

It’s actually quite a funny story of how it came to be. I visited my dad at work one day for lunch and they didn’t have any vegan granola + yoghurt options (because that was what I was feeling like)- so I sat down at a table and I asked my dad: “what if I created my own vegan granola?” and it all started from there.

How can we support Granola Thief? We have a stall at Haig Park Village Markets every Sunday from 8AM-2PM- so you can catch us there- but recently we have also created an online shop: and we ship Australia wide!! So, anyone within Australia can purchase our delicious granola. We are also on Instagram and Facebook as: The Granola Thief

Any advice for those who are thinking about turning their dreams into a reality?I frequently get asked this question and my advice is: Just do it. We all have a comfort zone but the magic happens outside of that. Boundaries are meant to be pushed and challenged. And there isn’t just one way of achieving something- there are so many avenues and you never know unless you try. My biggest point that I always tell people is: be unique, be yourself and you never know unless you try.

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