What is your drink of choice?

Gin &Tonic of course!

Tell us a little bit about yourself? 

Currently based in Sydney but grew up in Canberra, I am 25 years old & the founder and creative director of Jaeke Collection. Ilive and breathe just about everything social and digital media, I am highly spiritual and love anything astrology related!

Tell us about JAEKE and how it came to be?

Jaeke in its essence if I am being totally honest here – was born out of my obsession with online shopping a little over 2 ½ years ago. I had just finished an entrepreneurial business degree and was working full time in hotel management. I couldn’t put my finger on it at the time, but I knew I felt uninspired and unfulfilled. Deep inside I knew I wanted a more creatively inspired life, where every day was a new challenge and I was working on something that didn’t feel like work. I wanted to put my business skills to the test and figured after having had a bilingual education of both French and English it was a no brainer to fuse my language skills, love of clothing and business acumen together. After months of research, I built up my network and gathered my first few pieces of stock. It was then I chose boxing day of 2017 to launch my online store. Full start-up style – Jaeke’s first orders took place out of the spare bedroom of my parent’s house, which later overflowed into a portion of the garage! Jaeke started out as an extension of my shopping addiction, but nowour raison d’êtreis to be more than just a store, our brand is a style driven online destination providing both men and women trendy, quality and affordable fashion you want to wear again, and again, and again…

How can we support JAEKE?

Follow us @jaeke.collection, engage with our posts and share, share, share! If you’ve shopped with us before, write a review, tell a friend, every little bit counts, and we appreciate it so much!

Any advice for those wanting to turn their dream into a reality?

Invest in yourself, launch before you are ready and focus on setting & achieving small incremental goals.When I am not working, I am still learning. Set aside time to observe everything and jot down ideas, connect with likeminded people or take a short online course. Business demands creativity, innovation and motivation. If you wait until everything is perfect,someone else will already be ahead! 

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