BOSS WOMAN SERIES 223 | Ellen from Hera + Hebe

What is your drink of choice? A decaf, almond milk flat white. Or, on a hot day, a virgin mojito.

Tell us about YOU?
I am a mum of one, an Early Childhood Teacher turned trainer/assessor, artist, and dreamer.

Tell us about Hera + Hebe and how it came to be?
Hera + Hebe was founded during my maternity leave with my toddler, Leo. When working out what I needed for my new baby, I learned 5.6 million single use nappies go to Australian landfill everyday. I decided to try cloth nappies, turns out they are so much easier than I expected. I became utterly in love with cloth nappies and wanted to share my new found romance with the world.

Do you have any lessons learnt/things you would do differently for those starting out in the business world? 
Do your research and ask all the questions. Don’t hold back.

How can we support Hera + Hebe? 
By helping us reach more people on social media

Any advice for those who are thinking about turning their dreams into a reality?
 Talk about it, write about it, share your ideas with friends and family to get build your excitement. And most of all, don’t give up.

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