Tell us a little about yourself?

I am very creative, and I can’t seem to do anything without being creative about it. I’m currently studying Public Relations and I try to finish my assignments early so I can play around with the graphic design side of things; its not required, but I feel as if it’s necessary. My math teachers back in school found it hilarious, as I would illustrate the equations into real-life events, making the ‘answer’ more like a cartoon. I guess you can understand from all that, I am a little extra; I won’t deny it. 

I love all things creative: drawing, acting, singing, photography… and these have opened many opportunities, of which I’m grateful for. Acting on Neighbours was one, and it was a great experience.

Tell us about your business and how it came to be?

I am a little new to the Canberra territory, on the ‘business’ side of things.

I started learning Photoshop from my uncle when I was around 17; I’d fly over to New Zealand for the lessons. Around the same time, I came across ‘Aver and Line’ (a photography company) on Instagram. I remember telling my mum that one day I’ll work for them – and alas, I did! When I was 19 I moved to Melbourne and studied Graphic Design, while working as an actress for Derrick Talent Management.

I have always loved both drawing/painting and photography (as mentioned previously), but didn’t want to just go with one or the other. So, I spent all my free time using photoshop to try and merge the two together. The self-portrait of me with the magpies was my first image created in this way (the magpies are painted, this was done when I was 17). When I was 22, I landed a photography role at Aver and Line… which is something. A few years later, I’ve happily extended and introduced to the Canberra community.

However, I have been itching to get into the editorial side of things more. I have so many ideas, especially with children’s portraiture, that would beautifully advertise a business’ merchandise. And so, after all these lockdowns, I’ve decided to step up and advertise myself – Hello!

How can we support Annabelle Burdon and Bella Birdiie?

I have two Instagram accounts. For children’s portraiture, there’s @annabelleburdon, and for other, there’s @bellabirdiie.

If you know any small business who would be interested in doing a trial or collaboration, please do get in touch. As for now, I’d just like to be known a little more in the Canberra community.  So if you’d like to follow and say hello – I promise I wont bite! Haha

Any advice for those who are thinking about turning their dreams into a reality

You won’t know until you try. And its better knowing you tried, than being a constant ‘what if.’ Plus its your life, go enjoy it! I will be cheering you right on too.

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