What is your drink of choice?

I have been lucky enough to have a great wine education thanks to Brindabella Hills Winery,turning me into an amateur but VERY KEEN sommelier. I love trying new grape varieties,strange cocktails, creative craft beers, anything I haven’t had before is my drink of choice.Oh, and coffee, how can I go past a good cup of bean juice!

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Sal, andI ama proud Canberran woman,student,and thebusiness owner/photographerof ShotsBySal Photography.Alover ofnative flowersand tulips, weird opshop finds (my prop box is overflowing), and a good joke!I’m about to start my MastersinPublic Health, with photography being my non-academic love, creative outletandbusinessjoy

Tell us about ShotsBySal and how it came to be?

My business, ShotsBySal Photography, has been the culmination of experimentation of a passion I love, and hard work. With the guidance of a bunch of supportive teachers I learnt how to 1. Turn on a camera and then 2. Use it to my own will. In college I started doing bits and pieces of event and product photography, whilst enjoying taking portraits of my friends.

More snapping opportunities started to show themselves, as did the possibility of making my online presence of ShotsBySal into a photography business rather than purely a hobby. ShotsBySal Photography has now grown into a passion meets business reality for me, as I undertake weddings, family shoots, events of all shapes and sizes, product, and portrait content now.

However, what I am possibly proudest of, is @snapsbysal as an experimentation page, that has given me the opportunity to expand my business into retail and product creation. I have a range of greeting cards, and calendars, that showcase Canberra’s beauty. The uniqueness of flora, fauna, and the landscapes from around our region, captured and tangible to be shared. I am obsessed with our capital, and I think that shows by just how many images of Telstra Tower and Cummings’ Bus Shelters I have saved on hard drives!

It is really special to me that whether it be a wedding picture that hangs on the wall for grandkids to see, or a card sent to a loved one overseas, my photos can be a catalyst, or a capture of joy. It is also quite special that I can still find an abundance of peace and happiness, in the self-directed outlet of snapping at gorgeous environments, moments, people!

How can we support ShotsBySal?

Following @snapsbysal and @shotsbysal on IG and FB is a great way to start, because then you can see what I’m up to! As an event/wedding/family photographer word of mouth is also invaluable to me. POPCBR in Braddon and The Cook Grocer both stock my range of cards, so go say hi to them and support local CBR business while you are at it.

Any advice for those who are thinking about turning their dreams into a reality?

Backing yourself is the scariest and bravest thing you can ever do, especially where your aspirations are concerned in the weird world we live in! Look for the people who are saying “tell me more” and are opening doors rather than shutting blinds when it comes to your dreams and future. Odds are you are already being doubtful in your head about the path ahead, so don’t let others in that add more fuel to the negativity fire! In life, I have had the fortune to meet great mentors (both as a photographer and more broadly) who have taught me to not feel guilty about asking for advice, help and even, A HUG! When you find someone who has achieved something you admire, gush about it to them. Odds are in return, they will smile, pour you a cuppa to tell you a gazillion things they wish they have learnt on their road up. People help people, you are allowed to give knowledge and gain knowledge.

Thanks for @1adphotography and @maria_beautyandmakeup for my awesome headshots!

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