What is your drink of choice?

Pure and fresh clean mineral water is my fav drink! It’s the elixir of life.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hi, I’m Natalee Finn and I’m so delighted to connect with you! Blessings to those of you who already know me and a warm hello to those of you who don’t. I am a lover of all things spiritual, magical, and intuitive and have a passion and thirst for soul growth and helping others. I adore all things mystical including: meditation, oracle cards, yoga, crystals, high vibrational art, music, dancing, rituals and creating altars. In my down time, I love watching comedy with my man, spending time with my family and my soul sisters, laughing till my belly aches, swimming in the ocean, and admiring the beauty of nature, which all enrich my soul!

Tell us about Natalee Finn and how it came to be?

Professionally, I’m a full time Psychic Medium Healer, Intuitive Coach, Teacher and Facilitator. I run a busy full-time psychic business in Canberra and I’m grateful to read for people across Australia and Internationally. I’m also a fully qualified practitioner and metaphysical therapist in ancient therapeutic healing traditions of Usui Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Sound Therapy, Metaphysics and Chakra Healing. I discovered my Psychic abilities at a young age and have communicated with the Spirit World ever since. I love providing healing messages and intuitively guided soulful offerings to others for their spiritual growth and benefit. I have spent the last 11 years following my soul calling and passions and I am so thankful for this journey.


How can we support Natalee Finn?

As a community, if we can all support local based businesses through connecting, sharing, and interacting this makes a huge difference.I want to thank every one of you who likes, follows, contributes, and shares my offerings. As a small business owner, I truly appreciate the loving support.

Any advice for those who are thinking about turning their dreams into a reality?

If you are wanting to pursue your dreams, I recommend following your heart and taking inspired action. Have faith and trust in your soul calling. Create a balance of dreaming and achieving. I took the leap of faith, trusted in the Universe, and left my full-time job to create my own small business with the heartfelt intention of helping others and I have never looked back.

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