What is your drink of choice?

Always coffee, I’m a total coffee snob. For the past 12 years I’ve had a mission to find 1 new coffee shop a week all over the world.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m an optimist…like off the chart. A friend once told me I can turn shit into sugar, lets just say I’m great at silver linings. I love running, yoga and my own time. My most important role is being mum to Poppy who is 5 and my other roles are Life and Wellness Coach and Meditation Teacher. Everything I do in my work and life has to bring me joy, connection and growth and when that’s happening life feels good.

Tell us about Thinkoutloud and how it came to be?

The 2 things that have helped me move forward in life is having a big vision and a plan to take care of myself. I now do walking coaching sessions and meditation classes to give people some breathing space to connect back to their vision and feel good again. There will always be challenges in life and business and I enjoy being a sounding board and confident for my clients. I had a challenge of my own several years ago, cancer. This led me to studying Mindfulness Meditation. No only did it help me heal quicker than most, it’s now my secret sauce to managing my energy levels whilst growing a business and being a mum.


How can we support the Thinkoutloud?

I’d love you to come and join me in my Wednesday night’s ‘Meditation + Fairy lights’, in Kingston. A drop in meditation class to get away from the to-do list, hit pause, relax from head to toe and get a glimpse of your future self. No meditation experience required. You’ll leave feeling calm and a little more inspired for life.

Any advice for those who are thinking about turning their dreams into a reality?

Gift yourself the time and space to create a vision board. It’s our natural default to think about the things that aren’t working in our life but our energy is much better spent focusing on what we DO want.

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