What is your drink of choice? (doesn’t have to be alcoholic)This is a hard question as I am definitely torn between coffee and tea but if I drink coffee it’s a latte and if I drink tea it’s an English breaky

Tell us a little bit about yourself?Hi I’m Bianca and I am 24 years old ! Besides running my small business you can find me studying fashion business at FBI College in Sydney as well as working at a local cafe casually

I’m a fun energetic person who loves to bring her personality through her designs and this is especially shown through the fabrics which I use.

Tell us about Bianca Pavlic the Label and how it came to be?

My small label came to be when I was first in college I really found my love for creating clothes and making people happy through what they are wearing. I posted a lot on Instagram, just of things that I was creating and I had a lot of people asking where they could purchase these sort of items.

As well as asking if they could customise their own designs.

From this I decided to create a website have some photo shoots do of collaborations and work on my brand from there. Instagram has really helped with the growth of my brand due to social exposure and the followers that I have gained through there.

In between all of this I have studied design and technology at CIT in Canberra and I am currently studying fashion business at FBI College in Sydney.

How can we support Bianca Pavlic the Label?

You can support my Handmade clothing label through my website, you can follow me on Instagram and even just chuck me a like or comment!! It honestly means the world to me and helps with brand exposure. Word of mouth is so powerful for advertising, especially in Canberra because it’s so small. I’m always very grateful when customers post about their goodies on their socials and tell their friends and family where they got it. It’s pretty much the reason SugarMoo is as busy as it is today! Of course – buying cakes, cupcakes, and cookies is also greatly appreciated.

Any advice for those who are thinking about turning their dreams into a reality?Just go for it! If your dream is a true passion then it will be successful. Just jump right in, you will get there sooner rather than later. Its all about trial and error and figuring out how things work best for you.

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