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I’m a 25 year old illustrator and mental health advocate currently living in Canberra! I spend most of my spare time outside of my day job working on my business, gazing adoringly at cute dogs on the street and eating a lot of good food.Tell us about Tilly & Type and how it came to beI created my stationery business, Tilly & Type, back in 2016. My first designs were simple art prints, but the need for more positivity and emotional support in my personal life caused a change in my work, and I began to share my own struggles and the solutions that helped me to overcome them. I started creating self care products as a way to make beautiful art that had a real purpose, and could reach out to people worldwide to say “Hey, you’re not alone. I’m here for you!”. My work is filled with colour, flowers and inspirational messages, all designed to help you care for yourself and your loved ones. I have goodies like a self care notepad that helps you check in with yourself, handmade zines on different mental health topics, and heaps of motivational art prints to decorate your life.How can we support Tilly & Type? You can shop my products at and follow me on Instagram @tillyandtype but one major way to help me is to give me feedback! All of my products are made to help you take care of yourself, so the most valuable thing to me is when someone says they’ve used a zine I made, or bought a notepad as a gift for someone. I love being a part of that positive bit of someone’s life and knowing that if I post out an order to someone, opening up that package will make their entire week.

Any advice for those who are thinking about turning their dreams into a reality?Start now! Seriously, I struggle daily with perfectionism and worrying that my work isn’t good enough. But if I had waited until my work met some imaginary standard, I never would have created any products, I never would have helped all of these people or made these beautiful friendships. Being authentic, honest and vulnerable has done me wonders, far more than any polished branding or flashy website ever could.

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