What informs your decisions – comfort or growth?

A lot of what holds people back in life is thinking they need to HAVE or BE something before they can go after their goals. 

The problem with this is that most people will fall into the trap of believing that because, “they don’t have enough” or “aren’t good enough,” that there’s no use pursuing the next thing.

I’d argue that this is what holds most millennials back from going after what they truly want in life.

This all stems in fear. Fear of not having enough. Fear of not being enough. Fear of failure.

But you know what? You only get further by doing things now. By taking action with whatever you have now, however you show up like now. By embracing that you may not have it all figured it out by now, but that in committing to doing something, that you’ll gain some sort of positive result.

And in contrast, of course, understand that a lack of action leads to no change.

It’s a cycle that unless you can catch yourself out of, you’ll stay stuck in. Which is a curious thing, because most millennials I talk to, want a lot more out of life.

So what can you do about it?

It’s not an easy fix. Otherwise everyone would be having incredible lives at this minute.

It takes time. It takes you getting really vulnerable, uncomfortable and confronting yourself in ways you may not have before. And this is why many choose to stay where they are. Stay comfortable.

It’s called your comfort zone for a reason.

What you can do is start acknowledging what kind of choices you’re making day-to-day. Are these decisions coming from a place of comfort, or a place of growth? Generally, anything that leads to growth involves some level of discomfort. Of course, the level of discomfort will reveal how big of a growth opportunity that decision is. For example: choosing to eat less takeaway food versus committing to save $50K for a house. There are levels right?

So as with anything I recommend, start small. Make a list of and identify what informs your decisions on a day-to-day basis: comfort or growth. Reflect on your list weekly, or if you want to get super curious, reflect daily.

Example List – 

Decisions made today:

  • Read a book instead of watching tv = growth
  • Bought lunch, instead of preparing at home = comfort
  • Got 8 hrs sleep, woke up early and exercised before work = growth
  • Went out for drinks with friends, instead of spending time on assignment = comfort 

Nicole Cabello is a certified Life Coach specialising in Confidence Coaching for millennials. She is currently taking applications for 1:1 coaching. To get in contact, you can find her on Instagram (@nconiclife) or send an email to

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