What is your drink of choice?

Water and Tequila ????

Tell us a little bit about yourself? 

My name is Joanne and I’m the founder and creator of Tekoa Skincare. 

I’m Nigerian, born in London, grew up in Scotland and now living in Canberra. I’m multi-passionate and a lover of food, business and healthy skin.

Tell us about Tekoa Skincare and how it came to be?

Tekoa Skincare is a natural skincare company, specialised in using plant and oil based ingredients. Simple, natural, no fuss and multipurpose is what we are about. 

Tekoa Skincare started out as a hobby 5 years ago after I returned to the UK from spending 3.5years in Nigeria. I was introduced to Shea butter in its natural raw form and found myself falling in love with it. That led to researching how my ancestors used it and what their skincare routine looked like and that formed the direction for Tekoa Skincare. We try as much as we can to stay true to those original methods, eliminating the need for preservatives, water and fillers. 

How can we support Tekoa Skincare?

What’s important for me is building skin loving and happy community. Sales are very important but a community trumps that. Follow my page on @tekoaskincare and signup to our newsletter on our website (link in bio). 

Any advice for those wanting to turn their dream into a reality?

A good friend of mine ALWAYS says “you have nothing to lose” and I would add to that “and everything to gain”. We are all unique individuals, no one like us in all the earth, not now, not ever and although most industries are highly saturated, our individual fingerprint can be seen in all we do. So I say, GO FOR IT WITH ALL YOU’VE GOT!

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