What is your drink of choice?

Kombucha of any kind and a good iced latte.

Tell us a little bit about yourself? 

Hi my name is Steph, I’m the owner and head coach at Studio Two, I am also a mother of two, a farmer’s wife living on a commercial sheep and cattle station just outside of Canberra. My souls purpose is to empower women in living their very best life through various modalities. I am a CTC therapist, Reiki healer, NLP, and EFT practitioner and online health and fitness coach. I love anything to do with health and wellness as well as the unconscious mind, removing limiting beliefs, negative conditionings, negative emotions in order to build new beliefs so you can create the life you desire and be the very person you were put on this planet to be without all the shit holding you back.

Tell us about Studio Two and how it came to be?

As a mother I wanted more for women coming into their own fitness journey and so I created Studio Two. Studio Two was built to assist women in finding themselves through movement and regaining their bodies back after pregnancy and labour. It quickly became very apparent that fitness is so much more than movement and creating a healthy body. It’s about the mind too and if your mind isn’t healthy then there is a great chance your body won’t be either, that’s where the CTC therapy comes into play creating an harmonious cohesion between mind and movement. Studio Two was a bricks and mortar business and gym space in QBN however with Covid everything has moved to an online wellness hub where you can achieve your health and wellness goals within our supportive and encouraging community of like minded women.

Snippet about Studio Two and what we offer, feel free to add it or keep it out. 

We are ever evolving and collaborating with various women in the Canberra region. Right now we are offering an online program called the Everyday Woman. This program includes yoga, meditation and exercise programs created by our coaches for you to add to your busy schedule without having to adhere to someone else’s timetable at various facilities. We also offer CTC therapy, Reiki healings and Wellness coaching designed specific for you and your needs working with your goals and setting you free from all that holds you back. 

How can we support Studio Two?

You can support Studio Two by liking our socials and heading to our website.


Any advice for those wanting to turn their dream into a reality?

Take the leap and never look back, your dreams are 100% worth giving a chance. We often allow fear to hold us back and when we are able to address the reason for the fear we are usually faced with a false belief such as 

‘i’m not good enough”, “im not worthy of success”, “i’ll probably fail”. Failure is a false belief which when looked at differently gives you a great opportunity for a direction change. We are limitless beings with nothing holding us back but our limiting beliefs. Get out of your own way because the world needs what it is you wish to share with it. 

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