What is your drink of choice?

Oh that’s a hard one, being pregnant I feel like it comes down to my mood, the weather the time of day, everything really…. I do love a big glass of fresh orange juice of a morning and herbal tea at bed time though…

Tell us a little bit about yourself? 

Mumma of 1, and about to pop with bebe number 2!!

I was born in the nations capital and grew up on a property just out of Canberra riding dirt bikes most afternoons after school and of a weekend. My passion growing up was racing dirt track across the country. In recent years I had been racing in the NSW Amcross series which I’m hoping to get back into next year after the birth of baby number 2. 

I love spending time with family and friends, in the gym, outside in the sunshine… snuggled up in bed on a rainy day with my littlest love, Huckson, camping, cooking and making candles & floral arrangements of course. 

I enjoy keeping fit and healthy and appreciating life each day as well as the lives of those around me.

Tell us about Rustic heart candles and how it came to be?

I was forever buying scented candles, so back in 2015, I thought I’d start making them for myself with ‘all the spare time I was going to have on maternity leave with a baby’ (eye roll)

I started out making my own beautiful scented soy candles for family and friends as gifts and soon enough they were passing them onto their friends and family and as I saw my products spreading their way around Canberra I decided to turn my passion into a business! Over the 5 years I have been producing my candles and reed diffusers they have travelled to various states country wide and have been shipped as far as Ireland & Malaysia. I also specialise in floral arrangements for special events & commemorations, weddings & funerals.

I have collaborated with a number of boss women in our area including Beauty by Nikki in Queanbeyan, Araya Thai Massage in Queanbeyan, Sutton Post Office, Lyneham Hair Fashions, Studio Sixty 5 in Yass, and La Luna Graze Canberra. I am always looking to collab with new businesses and help out the boss gals in Canberra any way I can.

How can we support Rustic Heart Candles?

Supporting a business isn’t all about the purchases. It’s the like likes, the follows, the shares, the comments, the feedback and the positive word of mouth. My business wouldn’t be a business without my customers engaging across my social networks. 

I have just recently launched my website… after 5 years, see baby steps but I got there! I have shared the link for you to have a browse at my pretty products and more of what I do below! 

I am currently offering 15% off store wide until the 30th June!

Any advice for those wanting to turn their dream into a reality?

I honestly never saw myself as a business owner but here I am and LOVING BEING A BOSS MUMMA!!!!!! Working flexibly from home to doing quotes and marketing on the beach, in the car, on holidays it doesn’t get any better really! 

If you have an interest or passion for something, you are the only one who can follow, chase and pursue that love for something and turn it into reality! 

Start with little baby steps, put your mind and motivation towards setting yourself small realistic goals and create yourself a vision board and a realistic time to reach your goals to avoid feeling under pressure or like you’re failing. Surround yourself with like minded people, create yourself a healthy mindset and be determinate to succeed!!!  

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