What is your drink of choice?

Hahah – I’m a little boring with this one Green Tea is my favourite drink I even have a caffeine free green tea at home so I can have one before bed.

Tell us a little bit about yourself? 

I am a young person with big dream, I am not good at taking no for answer and am forever curious. I am a registered Nurse and before skin I worked in Paediatrics and emergency. I am a triathlete and am a part of JTMultisport and really enjoy training with this great group of like minded people.  This year I am going to get married to my Fiancé Matt who is my best friend and biggest supporter. In my spare time I love eating way too much chocolate, seeing friends and hanging out at the coast.

Tell us about Cosmetic Skin Therapies and how it came to be?

I suffered with acne myself going into my adult years and had tried absolutely everything to try and get on top of it. It wasn’t until I saw a cosmetic and dermatology nurse, that my skin actually improved! I was hooked from that moment, and inspired to become a cosmetic and dermatology nurse myself. After years of training and development in the industry I decided to go out on my own and open Cosmetic Skin Therapies here in Canberra. we pride ourselves on providing a holistic service to our patients.  We’re passionate about empowering people to feel comfortable in their skin. We strive to educate our patients and help them achieve natural but visible results using medical grade technologies.

How can we support Cosmetic Skin Therapies?

Come in for a complimentary consult! There is nothing to lose, and at the very least you will gain an education on your skin and how to best take care of it! Also please follow us on Social media to see what we’re up to.

Any advice for those wanting to turn their dream into a reality?

Do it. There will be a lot of people that tell you can’t… show them that you can! Listen to everyone’s advice, they genuinely want to help you and you can learn so much from other people’s experiences, and finally be okay with the learning rollercoaster you will go on, you won’t know everything from day one and that is okay, be kind to yourself and embrace the organised chaos.

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