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Among all the things 2020 has thrown our way, working from home seems like the least of our problems.  However, it is a change we’ve all had to adapt too and it seems it may be here to stay for many of us. 

During the peak of isolation, I spent 7 days a week in my apartment, those same walls and lack of human interaction seemed to kill my creativity and leave me with ZERO inspiration or motivation. This makes things particularly difficult when you work for yourself and have no one to answer to. I’ve put together a list of key things to stay motivated and productive during your working week. 

  1. Set your hours 
  2. Working from home can make it hard to switch off and log off, at the end of the day and even on the weekends. If you’re bored (highly likely during iso) you might be drawn to do some work. But it is really important to switch off from it and keep work for business hours only. Use your free time to focus on the other areas of your life – like training with HD ????, hanging out with family and friends and doing things you love. Don’t burn yourself out with the boring stuff. 

    2. Routine  

    I feel like this one is obvious, and everyone says it – but you do need at least a loose routine for your working days. It can encourage productivity, allow you to prioritise and plan your time. Unpredictability can be anxiety provoking; routine allows for predictability and comfort in knowing how you are going to spend your day. 

    3. Change the scenery (when you can) 

    My most productive hours are usually when I am at a cafe with my laptop and my earphones. When there are no housework or Netflix temptations around and I find it much easier to focus on my work and get it DONE. I also find changing your scenery can also help reinspire you. This was quite a struggle during the peak of isolation, but if you are stuck at home, change it up, take your laptop outside and get away from your usual workspace. Though we might not have this flexibility when at work, make the most of it during your time working from home. 

    4. Write lists 

    I CANNOT live without my to do list. Honestly – if it’s not on the list, it does not get done. It helps me keep organized and minimize the fluster in my brain, plus that feeling of crossing something off once it’s complete is a bloody good one. I keep mine in my notes on my phone, that way it syncs to all my devices and is super easy to access and update. This can also help reduce stress – being able to visually see what you have to get done and allowing you to prioritize and make the best use of your time. 

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