What is your drink of choice?

I am obsessed with H2O with a little glitter!!! Sparkling Water is my ultimate Thirst Crusher! I have it on tap in my office and a soda stream at home. 

Tell us all about Jenna Louise?

That’s a long story haha. I’m Canberra born and raised….represent!!!!!  Essentially, Jenna Louise is someone who is obsessed with growth in all forms. Everyday brings an opportunity to test my integrity & resilience, increase my self-awareness & inner connection, build upon my mental grit & physical fitness & uphold the values important to me all through my training. It’s my practice and my daily immersion within. My own motivation comes from a ‘me vs me’ mentality, the ability to continuously push the bar, break bast my own barriers on the daily and always aim for something greater for myself. 

Fitness has dominated my entire life for as long as I can remember! I have never been one to sit still and as a child, I always excelled in physical activity from rollerblading, BMXing, competitive gymnastics, and athletics. I made obstacle courses in my backyard and was always on the move. I believe my inner child has never left me, in fact, I find myself more hyperactive than ever! 

As a coach & mentor, I educated and instil a contagious culture and positive mindset onto clients and group environments where ever I go. I thrive off being amongst group environments, leading the way, sharing my purpose, educating and getting the best out of every individual to generate a positive flow on effect throughout the group. I am obsessed with surrounding myself with people who bleed the same passion, love and no-limit craziness.

Essentially you are own brand, what is that like?

Yes, being the brand definitely makes things a lot more ‘real’ so to speak. For me I am very particular when it comes to partnering or representing brands/companies. Because I am my brand I always want to make sure I’m staying true to who I am and that is being open, honest and transparent with brands and my community. I only work with brands/companies that align with my values, who support my visions and creativity and who also has my interests as well as theirs in mind.  For me it’s more than just a brand alignment, its forming the ultimate partnership for longevity, passion and representation. This is a topic that I have been coaching and managing people in, to ensure people are aligning with brands that fit their image and vision for their future while remaining true to their values.  

How can we support JL?

Follow along and choose your own adventure. I am more than just fitness and I am sure you will find something that sparks a fire within, enough for you to begin to create a path to your future and gain momentum towards something you want for you. Whether that’s physical fitness, mental health, coaching, mentoring, motivation or inspiration, drop by @jennalouise_jl and see where I take you.

Any advice for those wanting to turn their dream into a reality?

It took me YEARS to find my own voice, courage and will to give up everything in knew in order to pursue what set my soul on fire. As an innovator in the fitness world, I have gone from a dreamer working full time in the government, to taking the leap and building my fitness business and following, and taking the JL brand to homes around the world. Star in Ninja Warrior, Brand Ambassador for many, Magazine cover girl over and over and I’m still chasing the wins. Although, I always say I’ll never get there…….There is no finish line. The process is forever. Always becoming. Forever evolving, endlessly learning. 

My biggest advice. Start before you’re ready, back yourself, and take that first step towards something you want for YOU. Its that first step that’s the most important in gaining forward momentum and if you fall, at least you’ll fall forward. Pick yourself back up and keep that wheel churning, don’t ever let it stop.For me. Every step I take from this moment on wards is paving my tomorrow.

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