What is your drink of choice?

Home- Tea with almond milk 

Out – Chai Latte (but only the powder one with skim milk I know it’s fake and not fancy but I like it) 

Tell us a little bit about yourself? 

I’m a passionate, artistic, being who is a little bit fancy and a little bit alternative. I don’t feel like I really fit in a box but I’m starting to learn more and more that this is a beautiful thing to be grateful for.

I have been on a big deep journey of learning about self and healing the last couple of years. I love dancing, walking in nature, breath work and being with my amazing husband. Everyday I am showing up and doing the work to grow to change patterns and to learn to love myself so I can give my best as a human on this earth. 

Tell us about Lilah Gow MUA and how it came to be?

Originally a dancer and teacher I changed my career to focus and study the art of makeup artistry. Studying a Diploma of Specialist Makeup Services for 2 years in Sydney at ACMUSE and then trained under Donna Mee in LA. 

All aspects of this art form intrigue me, especially creating creative editorial imagery. BUT the thing that moves me to the core is the feeling I get when I have gotten to know the client in my chair and truly helped them feel beautiful. Each person’s individual story inspires me. For a moment to know that I have heard and understood who they are & their needs, to create a makeup look that enhances their beauty rather than hide it, means what I am doing is making a difference.

How can we support Lilah Gow MUA?

What a magical question and I will be honest, I don’t know. What feels true to say is if you are looking for a down to earth very caring makeup artist who is a bit passionate about creating natural makeup looks that focus on how beautiful a person is rather than the makeup and who is a little bit of a perfectionist. Then have a follow of my instagrams and Facebook stuff and or contact me through my website.



Any advice for those wanting to turn their dream into a reality?

I have been doing makeup for many years but I actually didn’t really believe in myself for a long time (still slip into this sometime lol) but once I started to do deep work on myself I started to dive into my own business. 

The biggest thing that I think most people who start living their dreams would say is “believe in yourself.” So cliche I know.. and to be honest I’m still only getting my head around this myself on a daily basis BUT it’s true. No one else can do it for you and no one else can be YOU. Finding value in yourself and what you do can be really challenging for some of us but if you have got that fire in you, it’s worth fighting for your dreams while you are on this earth. From my personal experience it’s bloody hard but I also know that the alternative was hard too. So I’m choosing this fight. 

I love being a part of people’s special days and do take great pride in not just being a makeup artist but someone who people can rely on to bring a good energy and attention to detail. I also love doing one on one makeup classes with people who are really interested in learning to do makeup looks that are custom to them and truly educate on how to do makeup on themselves now and into the future, not what is necessarily on trend.  

Being in the beauty industry can be hard but an honour to help those feel strong and beautiful. 

I hope that me being open and true about myself and my struggles can show that success comes in many different ways and it’s how YOU define it that matters. 

I would not be who I am or where I am with out the beauty and the challenges of life. My story is true and wonderful, just as yours is! 

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