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Tell us a little bit about yourself and your business?Hey! My name is Renee Bink. I’m 28. I have a great partner who keeps me grounded, plus 4 pets (crazy animal lover). Straight after school I got into real estate with Independent and ended up working there for 7.5 years. I loved my job and loved the team I worked with. I basically grew up there, in a professional sense, and got to experience amazing opportunities all around Australia. I was lucky enough to be nominated for multiple state and national real estate industry awards, winning some, which led to be inducted into the REIACT Hall of Fame. I left the real estate industry late last year to reset mentally and follow my passion of project management. I now work for a business management consultancy firm, providing positive influence to large corporate companies and government clients.

Tell us about The Social Project and how it came to be?

Four years ago my cousins created Lulu & Sis and needed help with their social media accounts. I thought it’d be a fun opportunity so I started working with them to grow their brand from the ground up. We have now organically grown their following to over 10k and I have learnt a lot throughout the journey. When I left real estate, I was really missing the connections you’d make with clients, so I was thinking of ways to fill this void. I thought about how my cousins said that as small business owners, social media is something that you can really struggle with. So I thought that would be a good way to a. connect with others, b. let my creative juices flow and c. give back to our business community. I only started taking on clients in February this year and it’s been a fun ride ever since!

How can we support The Social Project?My personal values are to be authentic, holistic, innovative and kind, and this is my point of difference within the social media industry.

I don’t believe in being fake and not your true self just for the sake of numbers. If this sounds like something you can vibe with: follow, like, comment and share any of my content that you connect with.

Any advice for those who are thinking about turning their dreams into a reality?

Like Nike says, JUST DO IT! When I first had the idea of this business, I almost convinced myself out of it because I didn’t have a marketing degree, so I felt like I wasn’t worthy or ready. Since jumping in I’ve realised no one really cares! People care about the service you provide them and what kind of human you are. If you have the skills (or the will the learn on the go) and you are doing it for the right reasons, you will succeed.

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