What is your drink of choice? A dram of whiskey (yes I’m actually an 80 year old Scottish man)

Tell us about yourself?

I’m Lauren. I’m Canberra born and bred. I left Canberra about a decade ago, I had a gap year in Europe and on my return moved to Melbourne where I studied for the next 5 years to become an Osteopath. I then moved to Brissy, before returning back to Canberra about two years ago. I have an amazing husband, incredible family and friends, and two very fat and disobedient dogs.

Tell us about Fundamental Health and how it came to be! I‘m an Osteopath and after working through my own health journey with chronic pelvic pain, the idea for my own clinic was created. I’m passionate about women’s health, and advocating for GOOD treatment.

Tell us about Fundamental health and how it came to be?Fundamental Healthan is an Allied Health Clinic with a determined focus on Women’s Health. Currently at Fundamental Health, you can find Private Midwifery, Osteopathy and Women’s Massage. We understand that each health profession has its own scope, and it is when these modalities beginworking together, patients will be fully supported and treated as a wholeperson.

How can we support Fundamental Health Canberra?

Book in with us – Osteopathy and Private Midwifery are available during this epidemic. Refer your friends and family to us if they are in pain or might benefit from our services. Follow and share our page and posts. Give us an awesome google and facebook review!

Any advice for those who are thinking about turning their dreams into a reality? Remember to rest. Our life is all about the ‘Hustle’ and ‘Grind’, but as a health practitioner I understand the impact of stress. Give yourself space to rest, and know that even if you can only do one small thing a day, that’s still okay. You can’t give out of any empty cup!

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