What is your drink of choice? Almond Cap or an Aperol Spritz (when we are off duty of course)

Hi, I’m Mel! I grew up in Canberra, mostly, between travelling/living overseas with my family. I have worked in the drama/dance industry over the last 10+ years with kids of all different ages and that is really where the inspiration for Tiny Creatures & Co came from. I’m super social and always up for a chat, those that have already met me could vouch for that! I love the events industry, it is so much fun and fast paced. I adore working with children and am constantly inspired by their imagination and inquisitive nature (something we always try to bring through to TC!).

My partner and I have recently moved into a new house (mostly because he was a little sick of trampling through masses of balloons to get through to the lounge room). We are currently debating whether we really have what it takes to be home-renovators or if we should keep parties as our hobby. Should we set up a vote hehe. 

Tell us about Tiny Creatures Co and how it came to be?Tiny Creatures & Co all came to be when I decided that I was missing the creative world and I really wanted to fill what I felt was a bit of a gap in the market. We actually started off making custom Tutus and have over the past few years morphed into a one-stop event and party shop. We wanted to create a brand that was built on a great reputation and trust with our customers, word of mouth is the biggest compliment in the world and we really owe our business growth to the Canberra community. 

We now offer a whole range of services from Balloons, Kids entertainment and prop hire to Teepee Parties and party styling. The industry is huge so you have to really stay up to date with where the world is moving and what customers are looking for whilst staying true to our brand. 

How can we support Tiny Creatures Co?

Consider us for your next event, it can be something as simple as ordering a balloon bouquet to having us come in and entertain the kids at your next party. We love to engage with our customers and you can always check our some of our latest work on Instagram @tinycreaturesco. We are super flexible and love a good challenge so if you are after something specific that you don’t see on our website send us a message for a free quote or chat. We are also introducing some free online activity guides to our website ( so keep an eye out for those too.

Any advice for those who are thinking about turning their dreams into a reality? Just go for it (Did anyone else read that as the Nike catchphrase?)! Don’t feel like you have to have every little detail planned out straight away, trust the process and be flexible. Sometimes your business can lead you in a completely different direction to what you first thought. It is so rewarding and such a fun adventure. Remember to be true to yourself and your brand and don’t be afraid to ask for help. We chat to other businesses, in the same and completely different industries, all the time – they offer us great advice and it is so nice to have a sounding board and build new relationships and friendships. Whilst we don’t claim to be qualified we are always happy to meet new people and have a chat about how they can take the first steps into turning their dreams into reality. 

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