What is your drink of choice? My drink of choice… it’s a very hard decision between a glass of pinot noir and a very strong coffee haha. Given my industry let’s roll with a very strong coffee!

Tell us a little bit about yourself?Ahh well my names Hannah Olivia Dahl, Canberra gal born and bred as they say. I have a beautiful supportive partner and a gorgeous French bulldog. I am passionate (sometimes too passionate) loving and I like to think I’m kinda funny. My initial interest in the fitness industry came from my dancing background. I spent a good 10 years of my life competing, travelling and not having much of a life outside of dance. Towards the end of that journey I realised I didn’t like the person I was becoming inside and out. It’s an industry based really heavily on body image. Consequently, I developed a really un healthy relationship with food and it snowballed from that point. I was full of anxiety and not only an unhealthy mind but a pretty un nourished body. That’s when I started showing interest in the fitness industry and learning how to love a strong, healthy body! That’s what led me here – coaching women of different shapes and sizes advising them of better food choices and building their bodies up to strengths they never considered. Tell us about HD Fitness and what you offer?I have been working as a personal trainer for 2 years, but it was always my dream to launch a brand behind what I do. It was important for me to spend time in the industry before I started going hard core on the marketing side of things. Basically, I wanted to really get my head around what I was doing before I starting selling a product, I think that’s really important. High Definition Fitness is about celebrating and empowering women in the gym. I train so many different women for so many different reasons and as a team throughout the journey we always will come back to your WHY, this is where all the motivation/discipline comes from. When it comes to social media I really wanted to try something different and instead of the IG page being all about me and how I train myself, it’s a space where I am showcasing what my clients can do, how far they’ve come and all the awesome things they are working on. It was just about finding that balance for me, a sweet spot between myself, food inspo, clients, motivation and of course trying to keep it aesthetically pleasing.

How can we support HD Fitness?Come and try it!! I always offer a free initial session for those curious gals out there. I love nothing more than a new face finally feeling like now is the time for them. Making the first step can be so scary sometimes, but seriously I thrive on knowing that women has finally decided this is her time and she is doing something for HER! I have a monthly newsletter that goes out which includes recipes, workouts, activewear reviews and fitness hacks so jump on as a subscriber if that stuff interest you! Also a sneaky like on the Instagram page would be great, @highdefintionfitness.

Any advice for those who are thinking about turning their dreams into a reality? If not now then when? you just have to bite the bullet sometimes, yes it can be scary but I promise you it is all worth it. One of my ultimate goals in life was to LOVE my job, I am a big advocate for loving what you do every day – so if you think your purpose lies in something else then bloody go for it gal! 

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